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Make Me Choose ▹▹ Lucky Star or Boys Meet U
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Great Summer with the people from Circus of Karneval 

Open your eyes wide
Stop the collision from happening
(You’re going to be a witness to change)


Sebastian Appreciation Post >> Chapter 85 | Edit by Tristiahna

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The Hottest Guy on the World.


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Happy 23 th Bday to the lovely Itano Tomomi,Thank you for always putting efforth and sincerity in everything you have done, Thank you for telling that it;s okay to live with  a pain as long as you have a faith to your dream and never give up. Thank you for teaching that it was never okay to judge someone based on their appearance, Although you seem cold , distant and don’t give a damn, but you are actually very caring to the members and you never hesitate to buy them food whenever you can. Thank you Tomochin Happy bday once again and wish you all the best

Happy Birthday Tomochin ToT <3

130821 JYJ - NII 2013 Fall Collection