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Welcome to my blog!
Anna,19. I like k-pop music,asian films,anime,art and ect.Enjoy!

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shout out my name, seek out my soul. my name is gankutsuou! and i am always with you.


Most Beautiful Anime Openings -> "We Were Lovers" by
Jean-Jacques Burnel, Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
So tonight I'll sing
a song to all my friends
Also to those we won't be seeing again
To those I knew and those I still adore and I want to see once more

"What matters in the end is not your age, but the young spirit that you have." - Kwon Ji Yong


Kim Kibum Lucifer era ☝ ☟ requested by seoulers


somehow glasses can always make guys look even hotter.

favorite minho’s photoshoot. requested by: jjongosaurus

CL for Harper's Bazaar [May 2014]

Sunmi for noemi

Exo - hair color palettes -pink- (insp)

snsd in / yoona